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ACS operates daily with 3 to 5 field crews (depending on work demands.) All crews are led by highly experienced field technicians, some with nearly 20 years experience, with the minimum experience being 7 years.

All field crews wear identifiable team member shirts displaying the ACS Logo. We continually strive to portray and exhibit a professional image, and work towards elevating the general publics idea of a land surveyor. The ACS team is proud of what we do and who we are.

Chuck Lucko

RPLS #4636
President, All County Surveying, Inc.

Chuck was born in Fort Worth, Texas,  but moved to Temple with his family in 1967,  and spent his childhood and early adult years, all in Central Texas. Chuck has seen Temple grow from about 15,000 people in 1967,  to over 70,000 people in 2019. Chuck graduated from Texas State Technical College,  and moved to Houston in 1982 to begin his career in Land Surveying. After a year in the Bayou City, Chuck moved back to his hometown where he has never met a stranger! Chuck met a young lady at Temple Blueprint Company in 1987, when he stopped in the store to purchase a “fancy pencil” to take to Austin to sit for his land surveying Registration exam. The young lady manager at the store, Melinda,   became his wife in 1988, and shortly after receiving his license as a Texas Surveyor, Chuck and Melinda started All County Surveying thanks to a $5000 loan and a 1977 Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser station wagon provided by Chuck’s dad! Chuck has been fortunate to employee many, many talented folks,  and perform work for some really great folks for over 3 decades in Central Texas. Chuck and Melinda have 3 children, two grown, and one in Middle School. Chuck and Melinda enjoy spending time in Taos, New Mexico, and Chuck spends his small amount of spare time,  playing in his Wednesday night tennis league,  or taking tennis lessons. His tennis pro says Chuck “is getting better,  but still needs some work!”

Shane Wood

Senior Survey CAD Professional

While watching survey crews survey at the Texas Eastman Chemical Plant in Longview, Shane’s interest in surveying flourished. He got an entry level position with a surveying company in 1992 and worked his way up to become a survey party chief. Wanting more of a challenge, . Shane taught himself how to use various types of CAD software and was able to move into the office and become a CAD Technician. Shane joined the ranks at ACS in 2006.

In his spare time, Shane loves to play pool (he thinks he is a pool shark) but his favorite past time is spending as much time with his three children and one granddaughter as he can. 

Dale Heisch

Senior Survey CAD Professional

Dale was born in Temple and has lived here for the majority of his life, moving back to Temple as soon as he could. Dale attended the University of Texas and started surveying in 1984. He has enjoyed all phases & challenges that comes with surveying. When he is not at work, he enjoys watching all types of sports, especially College Football (Go Longhorns!). Most of all, Dale really enjoys spending time & traveling with his family. They enjoy family beach trips & taking cruises together. Dale is very talented but his greatest talent is keeping up with his granddaughter as he takes her to soccer games, ballet recitals & school plays. She constantly keeps him busy with things to do and see.

Mike Smith

RPLS# 6748

After graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University, Mike and his wife moved to Temple in 1995. Mike started his surveying career with ACS in 1998 as an instrument man and has worked his way up the ladder to become a Registered Surveyor. Mike is the longest tenured employee at ACS. When not working on surveys, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. He loves watching his kids play sports and enjoys traveling, hunting, fishing. Mike also helps out his community as a member of their volunteer fire department. Mike operates the ACS Georgetown office. When in Georgetown stop by and see him.

We Work Daily

in Temple, Belton, Waco, Killeen, and Georgetown, and will go anywhere in Texas to perform survey work.